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Monday, December 14, 2009

Mom in UK needs Breastmilk and support asap

I read this story yesterday and my heart just broke. This a mom who needs support and help for herself and her little baby- but it looks like the British health authorities are stalling and may actually withhold what her baby desperately needs: Breastmilk.
If you are in the UK and have any means to help, PLEASE do what you can! Because when the governments are asses, then it's up to us moms to step up to the plate and do what WE can to help a fellow mother in need.

Cancer Mum in Baby milk plea

A YOUNG mum who was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant is appealing against a decision to stop giving donated breast milk to her premature baby.

Dawn Hockey, 28, was 12 weeks pregnant with her second child when she received the devastating news in June this year.

Defying the odds and surviving two bouts of chemotherapy, baby Alex was born on 1 November – seven weeks early – weighing 4lbs 10oz....

..."I had to stop breastfeeding William (her 15 month old son) which was heartbreaking enough and the agreement was that Alex could be on donated breast milk until I could take over when I finish my treatment in April.

"I can’t feed him, not while I’m on chemotherapy.

"He has been exposed to two doses of chemotherapy in the womb, we don’t know what damage that has done to him, and there are things in breast milk that strengthen your immune system, not in formula.

"This is our argument, this is what he needs."

HERE to read the whole news story