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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Today HRT, Tomorrow.... Vaccine manufacturers?

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is on the verge of being seriously slapped down for selling women Hormone Replacement Therapy pills that cause cancer.... not just for selling them, but for selling them with full knowledge that they may cause cancer. Court battles are being waged all over the US as women are going after Pfizer for knowingly selling them a product that they knew was cancer causing... and so far Pfizer has lost every single engagement.

The law firm behind a $78 million (US) court-ordered settlement in the fall of a lawsuit brought against the company pfizer, created a video made to look like a TV news segment. In it, they accuses Wyeth of willfully hiding the drug's dangers.

(in response Pfizer has demanded that the courts remove the video from You Tube saying " it could prejudice juries in upcoming court cases.")

HERE to read the original blog and View the Video

So today, the vast majority of the public now KNOW that HRT treatments can cause cancer and doctors and patients alike are saying "NO" to hormone replacements. Finally, the public has been forced to admit and SEE that Pfitzer didn't care about the public taking it's medication, only about the bottom line and making a profit.

The first of the biggies to tumble out of public favour?!

Is this the start of something that might actually save our health and lives? Holding Big Pharma accountable for their gross negligence and their money grubbing actions? If it's HRT today, who will be next to be held accountable for the damanges to public health and the deaths they have caused in their bid to make billions of dollars for their pockets?

Shall I whisper it?

Dare I say it?

...are the vaccine manufacturers next?

..........we can only hope.