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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Treating GBS (Group B Strep): Are Antibiotics Necessary?

Another fantastic Blog (as usual) by Peaceful Parenting, on yet another topic that I have long ranted about.

Group B Strep

I actually got into a war with my secondary midwife, while pregnant with Logan, on this topic. During one of our few appointments together, she tried to tell me that I "had" to have a group B strep test done. I refused and gave her my reasons, but she was completely incapable of seeing the logic in my refusal and was so twisted up by the medical machines propaganda about it that she just could not accept my decision.... which ultimately lead to me getting a new secondary midwife.

While the article is older, the information is just as valid today as it was when it was written.

Treating GBS (Group B Strep): Are Antibiotics Necessary?

This is a wonderful, useful, well-researched article. However, it was written in 2003, and there was little research at the time of alternative methods of dealing with/treating GBS in pregnant women and during labor. A lot has been done in this area of birth research in the past 6 years and we now know that the use of chlorhexidine (Hibiclens) is as effective (if not more so) in treating GBS without the negative side-effects that antibiotics carry for a newborn baby.

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