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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Crying it out" may damage baby's brain

A great blog about the dangers of "Cry it Out" baby training, including information from Dr. Stephan Juan and Dr. Margot Sunderland. Check out the end of the blog for an excellent list of reading resources.

Research suggests that allowing a baby to "cry it out" causes brain damage.

by Dr. Stephen Juan

Experts warn that allowing a baby to "cry it out" causes extreme distress to the baby. And such extreme distress in a newborn has been found to block the full development of certain areas of the brain and causes the brain to produce extra amounts of cortisol, which can be harmful.

According to a University of Pittsburgh study by Dr. DeBellis and seven colleagues, published in Biological Psychiatry in 2004, children who suffer early trauma generally develop smaller brains.

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