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Friday, December 4, 2009

"Beyond Choice"

Sheila Kitzinger is a Natural Childbirth Advocate and a champion of birthing women world wide. She tirelessly campaigns for women to have the information they need to make choices about childbirth and is a strong believer in the benefits of home birth for women.

Sheila's books are a must read for anyone interested in childbirth!!

For more information and links to brilliant articles and books please visit Sheilas web site:

Beyond Choice

By Sheila Kitzinger

Elective Caesareans

Caesarean section is presented in the USA as a way of "keeping your vagina honeymoon fresh". In Britain, too, it is promoted by some obstetricians as a method of keeping your vagina fresh and rosebud sweet, and saving your bladder from destruction. The implication is that this is how you can keep young, hold on to love - and keep your man. A woman has only herself to blame if she lets her body sag and her insides fall out. The modern way is to have your face injected with botulism and when it comes to childbirth, keep your perineum and pelvic floor daisy fresh by opting for a Caesarean.

Women are not told about the side-effects. More than 93,000 Caesareans are performed every year in the UK. In some hospitals there is a 25% rate. Many obstetricians are no longer able to turn a breech baby in order to avoid a Caesarean. They have become deskilled. You might think that high Caesarean rates would reduce instrumental deliveries. But no. Forceps and ventouse deliveries are also on the increase...

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