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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

High risks to infants through Vit K injection

An excellent and eye opening article on the topic of Vitamin K injections given at birth.

Getting ready for the arrival of our newest family member has spurred me forward in researching various birthing and newborn practices that we rarely think twice about. All 4 of my children have received the Vit K injection at birth. I assumed it was "necessary" and therefore didn't question it. But as has been proven to me over and over again, never ASSUME, never take someone else's word for it, without FIRST doing the research your self.

There are three primary areas of risk associated with the Vitamin K injections:

1. Inflicting pain immediately after birth causes psycho-emotional damage and trauma to a newborn, which is totally inappropriate, and unnecessary.

2. The amount of vitamin K injected into newborns is 20,000 times the needed dose[ii]. Additionally, the injection may also contain preservatives that can be toxic for your baby’s delicate, young immune system.

3. An injection creates an additional opportunity for infection in an environment that contains some of the most dangerous germs, at a time when your baby’s immune system is still immature.

I've posted several articles about the neurological impact of pain on the newborn, yet we tend to be blinded by the focus being on circumcision (and so it rightfully should be!!), and forget about other physical pains that are inflicted on our new born babies- such as injections.

And here's the twist: Vitamin K doesn't HAVE to be injected!! I CAN be taken orally! Well..... DUH! There is a first for me. .....and I'm off to research the availability of oral Vitamin K drops in Canada. (But I'll definitely let you know what I find out!!)

High Risks to Your Baby From Vitamin K Shot They Don't Warn You About
Posted by: Dr. Mercola
December 08 2009 | 517 views

It has been standard practice in the U.S., and most western countries, since 1944 to welcome babies into the world by subjecting them to a variety of medical interventions, one of which is a painful jab with a syringe full of vitamin K. This injection is routinely done to almost all newborns, unless you, as a parent, refuse to consent.

Birth is an overwhelming sensory experience for your baby. He has never before experienced cold or hunger, been blinded by artificial lights, or felt the touch of hands or metal instruments, paper or cloth. Even gravity is a foreign sensation.

A needle stick is a terrible assault to his suddenly overloaded sensory system, which is trying to adjust to the outside world.

Is this injection really in your baby’s best interest?

Is vitamin K really necessary immediately after birth? Or is there a more compassionate alternative?

HERE to read the entire article By Dr. Mercola