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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Robotic birthing....When childbirth looses it's last shred of humanity

In an age of cookie cutter births, where women are processed through maternity wards like prisoners through the penal system, the final shreds of humanity are stripped away to reveal "Birth" through the eyes of the Medical Machine.

This short 3 minute video shows nursing students learning about "Birth". This is what they are taught is Normal. This is what they are taught to expect, and how to support and encourage a birthing woman.

Is it any wonder that child birth has become a intervention driven, medicalized hospital event that more closely mimics a surgical procedure, instead of the natural, empowering and intimate experience that it is meant to be? How can women expect to birth their babies the way nature intended- and has been done for a millenia- when the people who are supose to be there to support her have never even witnessed a "Natural" birth?

It is through training like this that we can blame the current medical mess that reigns in Maternity Wards across North America. It is through medical training like this that we can partially lay the blame for the soaring Caesarean section rates and mass use of medical and surgical interventions that cripple women emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Until the suposed "Child Birth Professionals" are actually trained to support women while they are experiencing a completely natural bodily function, we will never see a decline the the frightening numbers of medicalized births.

....Maybe it's about time that all child birth professionals - be they doctors or nurses- should be forced to attend a few home births with true midwives to better understand the nature of birth and to witness first hand the TRUE realities of Natural Childbirth.

"Barbie Gives Birth"