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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Does the end really justify the means?

A wonderful Blog from Midwifery Ramblings, that brings up a topic that I have ranted about for years now:

"well I did such'n'such, and I turned out fine!!"

I recently posted on exactly this topic on a Facebook group and replied,

"My parents drove me home from the hospital wrapped in a blanket in my mothers arms, and she wasnt' wearing a seat belt.... but I'm just fine.

My parents smoked in the same room as me from the time I was born....and I''m just fine.

My sister was fed carnation canned evaporated milk and corn syrup from the time she was 3 weeks old... and she's just fine.

My dad taught me to swim by throwing me into the deep end of the pool when I was 4 years old.... and i'm just fine.

REALLY!! We're just "Fine". So that means it's all good, right?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Does the end really justify the means?

This has come up quite a bit lately. I always seem to come across someone who touts the old line of "I was/did/had _____ and turned out just fine. My child will too." You can fill this in with "I was formula fed, and turned out just fine.", or "I was delivered by cesarean, and turned out just fine.", or any of the other things that are PROVEN to be less healthy for babies. Why do people justify less healthy choices with completely anecdotal ( and often incorrect ) evidence? Unfortunately, it's much easier to continue with this mindset, than to admit that you could have done better for your child(ren), or yourself.

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