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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kim Kardashian says "cover up" to breastfeeding mothers!!

OH yeah!  Does anyone else see the uproariously hysterical, point your finger and laugh punch line to this?!?
Yes, Kim Kardishian said yesterday that she witnessed a woman in a restaurant breastfeeding her baby ...With Out a Cover!!!   Oh nooooooooo!  The Shock!  The Horror!!!!!!!!.  Ok, so said breastfeeder kinda ruined the moment by then changing her babies bum on the table (don't bitch slap me for this: but really?  changing a babies bum on the dinner table in a restaurant kinda smacks of hillbilly to me) (not that I want to offend any hillbillies!).

When kim got slapped with a backlashing from lactivists she then went on to tweet:
"My sister breast feeds! Its a natural beautiful thing, there's nothing wrong w it, but she covers herself, not w her boobs exposed "
ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!  Is she Serious?!?  This coming from a chick who's had pictures of her naked tata's plastered all over magazines and the internet?!  REALLY!!  Who the hell are you trying to fool Kim?!?

Aruban Breastfeeding Mama said it quite nicely I think:

"Oh Kim, by the first tweet you should have stopped. Now you have about, mmm, let's say, a billion tweets by  outraged lactvists with your name or a hashtag resembling #KimKisagainstbfing.

I find it absolutely comical that a woman with a show such as hers, that promotes the showing of breasts (and more) finds it offensive when a mother breastfeeds without a cover... but then again, oh right, these two things I have sitting in my bra aren't meant to be seen with a child attached to them. Silly me. Moving on.

Kim, Kimberly, I think it's time you wake up and smell the coffee. If prancing around exposing your breasts and cleavage to the whole world is acceptable to you, but nursing without a cover isn't, you gotta get your priorities in order."

So.... according to Kim, THIS is totally unacceptable

But THIS is completely OK?
Kim Kardashian Playboy Photos 2009