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Thursday, June 3, 2010

A recipe for Disaster: or how to make an unattached baby

OK, this was just sent to me on Facebook and I had to read it three times to convince myself that it wasn't some sort of a prank!!  THis is for real- they actually think that they are going to sell this to parents and that this technology is a wonderful thing!!!  Let's all have a good look at this shall we?  How many horrifying things can you see/read in this ad? 

I'm going to go read it again... it's kinda like a train wreck, you just can't help looking!!

(Here's the link to the original article in case the pictures don't come through!)

Technology for New Parents

Breaux on June 1, 2010 at 1:00pm LUNAR’S KOO Holistic Feeding System
Sometimes it feels like the hardest part of being a modern family is carving out time to relax and be simple. We all crave a certain measure of simplicity in our lives, and no one feels that more than parents, especially of little ones. The question is, does simplicity mean hearkening back to a time before there was so much distracting technology, or does distracting technology make life much easier? We’re not going to answer that for you, but we do have a product that features some pretty complicated technology promising to make life much easier.

LUNAR'S KOO Holistic Feeding System
LUNAR’S KOO Holistic Feeding System is designed for the new parent in mind. Understanding that new moms (and dads) have their sleep schedules interrupted quite dramatically by the addition of a newborn, LUNAR has come up with a pretty nifty system that allows baby to be ushered to sleep gently, mom or dad awoken gently when baby cries, a portable basket that warms milk bottles automatically upon hearing baby cry and even a portable light that mom can carry with her. More details of each element to Koo:
  • A baby sleep-training mobile and monitoring unit This tree stand offers bedtime routine for the baby via a collapsing mobile as well as monitoring the baby. The stand is also the nesting and charging station for the bottle cooler/warmer.
  • A transformable baby bassinet/rocker The bassinet easily unfolds to become a cozy feeding rocker. An auto-rocker integrated in the base soothes baby to sleep between feedings and becomes part of baby’s bedtime routine.
  • A bottle cooling/warmer unit The portable basket keeps two prepared milk bottles cool (using thermolelectrics technology) while recharging on the tree stand. If the baby cries within the feeding timeframe set by the parents, a bottle will instantly be warmed.
  • A parent lighting/monitoring unit soft as a light pillow The pillow lamp also acts as the “heart” of the system allowing parents to set up waking “turns” and bottle warming timeframe. As the baby cries, the electroluminescent fabric pillow softly lights up and the baby’s sound gradually follows to wake up the parent.
 Here's a neat chart explaining how it works:
The LUNAR KOO Holistic Feeding System

What do you think about LUNAR'S KOO Holistic Feeding System? Too awesome or too complicated? Do you think a system of technology like this would help you? Is there any technology, related to baby or not, that you've incorporated in your life that you feel makes it infinitely easier? Let us know!