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Thursday, June 17, 2010

What are YOU eating?!

Genetically Modified Soy.  YUM!  How about GMO corn?  Wheat?  Tomatoes?.... do YOU know what's in your dinner?  Do you know, 100% for sure, what's in your childs baby food? In Canada it can be very very difficult to figure out whether or not there are GMOs in your groceries because they do not necessarily list "GMO" on the lable.

But fear NOT!!!  Greenpeace has put together a Canadian food guide that outlines which foods/brands have GE and GMO products and which ones are safe(r) to feed to our families.

This is an excellent resource to carry with you when you hit the grocery store. ( I wonder if they make an app for that?!)
 for example: below is Greenpeace's  "RED List" of baby foods and manufacturers.  (cant' say I'm all that surprized- are you?)

ENFALAC (Mead Johnson)
• Formulas–All
• Next Step Formula
• Cereals w/Soya or Oils
• Pablum First Steps
• Toddler Crisps
• Giggles & Bites
• Casserole
• Vegetable Beef
• Farley’s Biscuits
ISOMIL (Abbott Laboratories)
• Formulas–All
KRAFT (Philip Morris)
• Arrowroot
Teething Biscuits
• Wheat
• Yogurt & Raspberry
• Nursoy Formula
• SMA Formula
• Good Start Formula
• Alsoy Formula
• Mixed Cereals
• Rice & Banana
• Follow up Formula
• Teddy’s Choice Animal
Arrowroot Biscuits
• Infant Formula
• Infant Formula w/Iron
• Formulas–All
• Advance Formulas–All

Click HERE to read the whole guide!!!