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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Breastfeeding Twins, Triplets or even more!!

Aruban Breastfeeding Mamas has written a very informative article on Breastfeeding babies-plural! 

Breastfeeding twins and triplets (or more! )

A first time mother finds out she's expecting twins! One of the first thoughts that race through her mind is " how on earth will I be able to breastfeed one baby, let alone two?!"

A seasoned mother is expecting her second child after having succesfully breastfed her first for over 3 years. Her feeding choice is a 'no brainer'... that is...until she's told that there's not just one baby in there...there's three. She feels shattered and overwhelmed at even the prospect of trying to nurse three babies. "After successfully breastfeeding a first child, you don't even flinch about the decision to nurse the second baby, so when I found out I was having three, I felt a sadness about possibly not breastfeeding one or more of my triplets"

What these two women have in common is a wide-spread reluctance and fear of breastfeeding more than one baby. Does this mean that it's impossible? Absolutely not! If you're a mom the second time around, but the first time around with multiples, you may be wondering less about if you're able to make milk and more about how you're gonna get the milk to all two or three babies!

HERE to read the entire article from Aruban Breastfeeding mamas