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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Breast Cancer Vaccine- new article, new spin, same outcome

Head + Wall = Repeat.... again and again.

Well, here's another news story on the Breast Cancer Vaccine yesterday.  Notice the new spin they're trying to use after the online slaughter by breastfeeding advocates and lactivists because of the article earlier this week about this Vaccine , which I wrote about in "Breast Cancer Vaccine: Disaster waiting to happen-
In the article today from the Telegraph  they are now saying that the breast cancer vaccine will be starting human trials in a year, starting with women over 40 and young women whose family history puts them at high risk of the disease. (my crystal ball never lies!)

All women over 40 could be given a jab that prevents them getting breast cancer, a scientist has claimed.

The drug, which goes on trial within a year, has been shown to stop tumours ever appearing and also to attack those that are already present.

If successful, researchers say GPs could offer it to women before they reach their mid-40s, when the risk of breast cancer starts to rise steeply.

The drug could wipe out up to 70 per cent of breast cancers, saving more than 8,000 lives a year in Britain alone.

Dr Vincent Tuohy, the jab's creator, said it promised to offer "substantial protection" and raised the prospect of wiping out the disease altogether.

"We truly believe that a preventive breast cancer vaccine will do to breast cancer what the polio vaccine has done to polio," he said.

When I read this last line I just about spit my coffee out all over my laptop!  They are comparing this new vaccine with the polio vaccine?!?  Whomever came up with this comparison obviously has never done any research into the polio vaccine, or they are prophesying  that the new breast cancer vaccine will be one of the biggest mistakes in the history of modern medicine.  THIS Article  gives a very clear look at the history of the Polio vaccines and the horrifying truth that accompanies it.  THIS Article gives a run down of some of the noted comments about the salk/sabin polio vaccines:
""The Salk vaccine failed completely ... And the Sabin vaccine was a disaster. It caused many cases of polio and showed no relationship to the disease except for an increase in polio during the early '60s, caused by the vaccine itself. And now we have the sensational findings from the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, which strongly indicate that polio did not go away at all, but now manifests itself as chronic fatigue syndrome."--William Douglas MD"

For more information on the Polio vaccine debacle HERE

Pardon me while I climb down from my soapbox... the polio vaccine happens to be a major peeve of mine.

But I digress. The latest Telegraph article waxes eloquently about the benefits to woman kind that this breast cancer vaccine will bring to our society:

"We think it will provide substantial protection."Our view is that breast cancer is a completely preventable disease."

The vaccine is based on protein called alpha-lactalbumin that lurks in most breast cancer tumours.

In tests on mice bred to develop breast cancers by the age of 10 months, the drug was found to keep them free of tumours, the journal Nature Medicine reports.

The jab stimulates the immune system, priming it to destroy alpha-lactalbumin as it appears, and so stopping tumours from forming.

hmmmm... no mention of the breastmilk link in this article.  Or is there?

But as the protein targeted by the new drug is only found in healthy breasts when they are producing milk, the jab should specifically target diseased cells, leaving other tissue untouched.

The alpha lactalbumin protein is ONLY found in healthy breasts when they are producing milk....if the vaccine is targeting this protein, then it would seem to me that it will make breastfeeding impossible. I'm not a scientist nor a doctor, but if my logic is faulty, I'd love to hear from someone with a deeper insight.

...and of course they saved the best for last in this article:

"Crucially, there are already things that women can do to reduce their breast cancer risk including reducing alcohol consumption, maintaining a healthy weight and taking regular exercise."

I'm sure you've noticed that "Breastfeeding" has been left out of the list of what women can do to prevent breast cancer, both for themselves and their daughters?..... Is that a just a little slip up, or do you think it might be a it of subliminal messaging?
 "Don't start thinking about Breastfeeding because it's about to become a thing of the past!"
Big Pharma can't make any money off of Breastfeeding, but they sure can make a heap of it selling  Vaccines!!