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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Global MOMS Act

Amnesty International USA: TAKE ACTION NOW!
Tell Congress: No women should die during childbirth.
Urge your Representative to co-sponsor the Global MOMS Act today!

Hundreds of thousands of women die each year from pregnancy-related complications. The vast majority of these deaths are unnecessary and preventable, caused by a lack of access to timely, quality health care.
The Global MOMS Act, supported by Amnesty International USA, will have a lifesaving impact. In some countries, it truly could mean the difference between life and death for a woman.

Urge your Member of Congress to co-sponsor the Global MOMS Act.

The Global MOMS Act will support activities that help expand access to better quality maternal health services, remove barriers to such services, and ensure that they meet international human rights standards.

Demand justice for the women of Atenco
Women dying during pregnancy and childbirth is not just a public health
emergency, it is also a human rights crisis. Amnesty International has
identified obstacles to lifesaving treatment faced by pregnant women
around the world. In Peru, poor, rural and indigenous women face language
barriers and too few accessible clinics. In Burkina Faso, women die
because they cannot reach a health facility capable of treating them or
because they arrive too late.
Two years ago, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution
affirming "commitment to promoting maternal health and child survival both
at home and abroad through greater international investment and participation."
It's time to match commitment with action. The lives of millions of 
women are at stake.

Tell your Representative to co-sponsor the Global MOMS Act today!

Thank you for joining our cause.
In solidarity,

Daphne Jayasinghe
Advocacy Director, Women's Human Rights
Amnesty International USA