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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Apparently the French "Get It"

While I was sitting at the computer sipping my coffee and enjoying a couple of moments of stolen silence to surf the web I discovered something:  The French "Get IT"!!!!  Yea Yea Yea, we know that the French are a fashionable breed and all that, but there are just as many great American and Canadian designers out there.  So don't they "Get It"?!? 

I've just had a baby, so what?!  Does that mean that I have lost all will to look nice?  Does that mean that my wardrobe has been secretly zapped into another dimension by the body snatchers (they took my waist too, which I'd like to have back), and replaced with a wardrobe of sweatpants and tank tops?  Ok it's true that I don't get out much- wrestling 4 kids 7 and under takes the patience of Siddhartha  and the arms of Shiva, and occasionally requires bribery and empty threats, but when I do go out I would, occasionally, like to look nice!!!  You know, Like a Grown woman with a wardrobe that  is not milk stained and snot covered!!!! (not that the milk stains and baby snot are fixable with fashion... but you know what I mean!) Yet even when I have a few precious moments to shop for my self (haha, never mind), the search for a nice top that is nursing friendly is a lament that brings a tear to my eye, and a tantrum to my heel.  Ok, so nursing tanks are the greatest invention since maternity pant stretch panels, but really I wouldn't mind having something else to wear. Occasionally.

Which brings me back to my original topic:  How come the French "Get It" and our designers over here don't?!?  Why is it that French mamas get to wear these wonderful cute and sexy tops.... and I'm still stuck in a tank (or an over sized sack-like TShirt that seems to be the standard issue nursing apparel in every maternity store)?  HELLO?!  Are you designers listening?

*insert tantrum here*

Well, if you're inclined to order your  clothes from over seas, here you go.  For the rest of us, well, here's a few pictures to daydream over while you decide which nursing tank top to wear with your yoga pants.


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