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Thursday, August 12, 2010

How safe is a sling?

I love numbers.  Nothing puts things in perspective better than seeing the numbers laid out for you in black & white.  So with the rash of bad publicity that baby slings have garnered in the media lately, due to the recall of the Infantino slings. I loved reading this article with ALL the numbers right there to put it all into perspective.

Like anything safety comes first and a misused sling can be just as dangerous as a misused car seat. It's up to the parents and caregivers to read the instructions on products and to research and educated them selves about the equipment they use with their children.  Baby Carriers like slings are perfectly safe when they are used properly.

How safe are baby slings? About as safe as it gets ….

To put the safety of infant slings in perspective, here are a few numbers for you:

The likelihood you’ll get struck by lightning — 1:280,000.
The odds that you’ll die of a tsunami in the US — 1:500,000.
The odds an earth-impacting asteroid will kill you — between 1:200,000 and 1:500,000
The odds your infant will die in a car accident — 21:100,000
The odds your infant will die from a circumcision procedure — 1:500,000
The odds your infant will die in an infant sling — 1:700,000
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