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Friday, August 6, 2010

" From Bottle to Jar to Drive Thru-"

*Stands and Applauds*... that's all I have to say!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

From Bottle to Jar to Drive Thru- Preparing Our Children for a Diet of Packaged Food

Walk down the baby isle of any grocery store and you will surely find bottles and cans of baby formula. It is everywhere, it is expensive, and unlike breast milk, it is a dead food. It does not change with the babies age, it does not contain enzymes, it is not raw. It is just formula, fake milk in a package.
Keep on walking and you will come to the "baby food". It begins with the beloved invention rice cereal. The makers of this seem to know that this rice cereal is in fact useless because even they on the package mention that it should be mixed with breast milk or formula before feeding it to your baby.

You move on to find the jars of baby food. Pureed fruit or vegetables or "beef dinners" in runny form so that even the toothless four month old can consume his first food from a package.

Keep walking and there are the "toddler meals". Now, instead of sharing a healthy meal from your plate, your two year old can have his own food microwaved in a plastic bag and handed to him, all soft enough that little chewing is required.

Is it any wonder that we are a nation of sick, diabetic, obese people who love fast food?

We are literally being taught from the earliest moments of life that dead food in a package is what is best for us. Then when we are adults and overweight we learn about fresh fruits and fresh vegetables and whole grains and how that is what we should be eating. By then, normal, natural, live food is so incredibly foreign to most people that they do not even LIKE healthy food.
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