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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cosmo Likes'em Intact!!!

Yay for Cosmo Magazine for reporting on the news that male circumcision rates are falling  in the US!!!!  As usual Danelle from Peaceful Parenting is on the news with her own great article :

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cosmopolitan Reports on the Decline of Circumcision in the United States

I highly commend Cosmopolitan for reporting today on the dramatic decline of circumcision surgery in the United States, and for highlighting the fact that the U.S. (and some parts of Israel for Judaic and Islamic reasons) are the only two nations in the world that needlessly cut healthy newborn babies....
...It's slightly amusing that it may just be pop media women's sex magazines making intact men look all the rage for parents to finally wake up before the birth of their sons and end the needless cutting. Maybe it is a result of my own naivety that I expect [most] parents to make educated, informed decisions - especially when it comes to the surgical amputation of their newborn baby's genitals. But, I guess whatever it takes to reach the remaining 32%... Those 1 in 3 boys deserve to keep their whole penis too.

HERE to read the entire article on Peaceful Parenting