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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Water birth pics- born in the caul!

Beautiful pictures taken of a mother and hubby labour in the the birth pool and birthing together.  The baby is born in the caul and with the cord wrapped around his neck.... no emergency, the father just calmly and peacefully deals with it.  Absolutely amazing and heart warming- a must view for all birth addicts (like me!)

pics of a watched birth…

March 28, 2010
Quantcast To go along with my previous post – special thanks to Moses and his sweet family for allowing me to share these photos. My apprentice, Laura Tanner, took these beautiful photographs.
Mom had requested that she and her husband work alone during labor until pushing. We were in the room some, then we were there when things got hard, she called for me, offered ice cold washcloths for face/neck and something to drink. I also gave her soft, verbal encouragement towards the end.
The girls were awesome – they laughed a lot at the noises and were generally more interested in the movie they were watching (and entertaining the midwives!) than the labor.

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