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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Do YOU know what Chlorpropham is?

Do YOU know what Chlorpropham is?

Chlorpropham... ever heard of it?  I certainly hadn't until I watched this awesome video put together by a 5th grader.  Elise tells the story of her project about sweet potatoes, and her effort to get one to sprout..... and what she learned about the chemical Chlorpropham that is sprayed on a lot of vegetables and fruit to stop them from sprouting...

Now, we all know about the evil of GMOs and pesticides, but have you ever heard of this chemical Chlorpropham?  I certainly had never heard of it before!  So I decided to do just a little bit of research - and I mean a very little bit, because page one of Google search on Chlorpropham provided me with all the info I really needed.

Cornell University:


Chlorpropham is a plant growth regulator used for preemergence control of grass weeds in alfalfa, lima and snap beans, blueberries, cane berries, carrots, cranberries, ladino clover, garlic, seed grass, onions, spinach, sugar beets, tomatoes, safflower, soybeans, gladioli and woody nursery stock. It is also used to inhibit potato sprouting and for sucker control in tobacco (1). Chlorpropham is available in emulsifiable concentrate and liquid formulations.



Chlorpropham is moderately toxic by ingestion (2). It may cause irritation of the eyes or skin (2). Symptoms of poisoning in laboratory animals have included listlessness, incoordination, nose bleeds, protruding eyes, bloody tears, difficulty in breathing, prostration, inability to urinate, high fevers, and death. Autopsies of animals have shown inflammation of the stomach and intestinal lining, congestion of the brain, lungs and other organs, and degenerative changes in the kidneys and liver (2)

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