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Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Would you like a side of aluminium with your shot?"

Guggie Daly writes about Aluminium content in Vaccines in her article "Which DTaP Brand is Best for Your Child Based on Aluminum Content?".  With so much media focus on the mercury (Thimerosal) that was used- and still is used- in many vaccines, some people loose track of the many other additives that are just as dangerous.

Animal and human studies have shown that aluminum can cause nerve cell death [1] and that vaccine aluminum adjuvants can allow aluminum to enter the brain, [2,3] as well as cause inflammation at the injection site leading to chronic joint and muscle pain and fatigue. [4,5]

Ammonium sulfate:

EDF Suspected - gastrointestinal or liver toxicant, neurotoxicant, respiratory toxicant. Ammonium sulfate has not been evaluated for carcinogenic potential by the International Agency for Research on Cancer or the U.S. EPA (IARC, 1987a; U.S. EPA, 1995a). Ammonium sulfate is registered as a pesticide adjuvant.  It is used to facilitate the application of other pesticides,and as a synthetic fly attractant. Inhalation of ammonium sulfate for short durations can impair respiratory functionality in asthmatics.
In the body, formaldehyde can cause proteins to irreversibly bind to DNA. Laboratory animals exposed to large doses of inhaled formaldehyde over their lifetimes have developed more cancers of the nose and throat than are usual, as have workers in particle-board sawmills… Formaldehyde is classified as a probable human carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and as a known human carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. More hazardous than most chemicals in 5 out of 12 ranking systems, on at least 8 federal regulatory lists, ranked as one of the most hazardous compounds (worst 10%) to ecosystems and human health (Environmental Defense Fund)

Too dangerous for human use, Squalene is not licensed for use in the United States.  Oil adjuvants like squalene have been ordinarily used to inflict diseases in animals – for experimentation and study.  According to anthrax vaccine expert Gary Matsumoto and other reliable sources, the US military used an unlicensed, experimental anthrax vaccination laced with squalene, with disastrous consequences, including Gulf War Sydrome.

HERE to read a comprehensive list of vaccine ingredients

A little over a month ago I wrote an email to Dr. Bob Sears asking him if he had read any research that examined the amount of aluminum in vaccines VS  the huge increase of early onset Alzheimer's disease that is hitting my generation of 40 somethings- considering that those of us born in the 60's were the first test subjects of childhood vaccines. Dr. Bob responded that he has been wondered about this as well, but hasn't been able to research it yet. Unfortunately, as we have witnessed with the Mercury vs Autism debate, I highly doubt we'll be able to find many unbiased studies linking Aluminum in Vaccines to Alzheimer's disease. Yet another case of "Buyer Beware", leaving the onus on the parents to read and do their own research, coming come to their own conclusions as to the safety of vaccine ingredients.

Which DTaP Brand is Best for Your Child Based on Aluminum Content?

Per the CDC schedule, the DTaP (Diptheria, Tetanus, a-cellular Pertussis) vaccine is given at 2, 4, and 6 months then between 15-18 months and 4-6years. 

You have several to choose from. All of them have aluminum levels that exceed the FDA's 25 mcg limit for infant exposure:

Sanofi's Tripedia has 170 mcg
Sanofi's Daptacel has 330 mcg
GSK's Infanrix has 625 mcg

Although you might immediately want to choose Tripedia because it has a lower amount, please note that Tripedia also contains trace amounts of Thimerosal. Also note that if reducing exposure is your goal, then it is in your best interest to AVOID the super-combo vaccines. For example, the HepB/DTaP/Polio combo-vaccine called Pediarix by GSK contains a whopping 850 mcg of aluminum.

This site has an interactive vaccine calculator. You simply customize it to the age/weight of your child, select from the CDC schedule which vaccines you hypothetically want your child to receive and then you can choose brands from a drop down menu. It contains helpful, concise details such as which brand is designated for which age group, chemical quantities and alerts for common allergies. PLEASE bookmark! Whether you vaccinate, don't vaccinate or selectively vaccinate, this site is a gem!

 HERE to read the entire article on The Guggie Daly Site