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Friday, September 10, 2010

"So, About this Birth Rape Thing"

While short and not really sweet, this blog By Emjaybee, on Unnecesarean web site is yet another look into the life of a woman suffering from birth trauma or birth rape- how ever you want to label it.  Women hurt, women suffer, and they mostly do it alone and without understanding (except from those that have experienced it themselves), and worse - with the sneers of those who have no clue. 

"Birth Rape"
"Birth Trauma" 

...Call it what you will, it exists and it is a very real part of many women's lives.

So, About This Birth Rape Thing  

...I’m a tough person in many ways; I’ve lost both parents, always struggled for what I wanted, made hard choices, lived alone, moved to new cities without a job or friends and succeeded there.  Taken risks.  Worked hard. Don’t really think of myself as a complainer.

But it’s been five years, and I still grieve. Not every day, not all the time. Not because I desired perfection or painlessness or prettiness during my son’s birth. But because when I went in to the hospital, I was full of joy and confidence. When I came out, I was broken and hurt, mentally and physically.  I was scared of doctors and flinched when touched by them. I did not want to touch my own body. I sometimes did not want to be alive.

What does that make me?

Would anyone but an assault victim make this image?

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