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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dr. Jack Newman's response to Old Navy

I thought that a few of you might be interested in reading this.  When Dr. Jack Newman was told of the outrageous infant shirt that Old Navy is selling promoting formula feeding with it's "Formula Powered" logo, he sent this letter to Old Navy head office:

To whom it may concern,

I am not easily shocked, but I was shocked by your baby suit with the graphic of a bottle and the text "Formula Powered". One of the biggest obstacles to mothers' breas...tfeeding is the notion in our society that formula feeding and bottle feeding are the normal way to feed a baby. They are not. Breastfeeding is the normal way of feeding a baby.

Not breastfeeding has risks associated with it. Contrary to the formula companies' marketing, formula is not even remotely similar to breastmilk. Yes, they are both liquid, both are white, but that's about it. And it would be a huge boost to the health of mothers and babies if we helped them breastfeed more successfully. Unfortunately, the "bottle feeding mentality" results in mothers not wanting to breastfeed, in health professionals not thinking they need to get educated about breastfeeding and how to help mothers succeed at breastfeeding.

Where, at least, is the baby suit with a graphic of a breastfeeding mother and the text "Breastfeeding Powered"?

Send an email to Old Navy and tell them this is NOT acceptable!!!