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Friday, September 17, 2010

Vaccinated people getting Whooping Cough

What I love about this article is that even in the face of hard statistics, the local health authorities are still pushing the vaccine envelope and trying to say that

"vaccine provides protection and it’s an important health tool to try and prevent this disease"

Even though 2 out of 3 confirmed cases of Whooping Cough are in people that are fully vaccinated!!!

Vaccinated People Getting Whooping Cough In SD

— A KPBS investigation has raised questions about how effective the whooping cough vaccine is in preventing people from getting sick. Nearly two out of three people diagnosed with whooping cough in San Diego County this year, were fully immunized.
California is in the midst of the worst whooping cough epidemic in 50 years. Thirty six hundred people in the state have been diagnosed with the disease. Eight babies have died since January.
KPBS examined data from San Diego County’s Health and Human Services Agency. Of the 332 confirmed cases of whooping cough in the county so far this year, 197 of the people who got sick were up to date with their immunizations. That's nearly 2 out of 3 cases.
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The Whooping Cough vaccine has been considered by many health authorities to of been a complete failure, as right from the beginning of it's inception it has only provided a minimal amount of protection against the disease it was suppose to be protecting the mass inoculated population from.
"Vaccination does not necessarily imply life-long immunity for a vaccinated person. In some cases, vaccination is ineffective and fails to provide immunity at all (the so-called "primary failure"); sometimes immunity acquired through vaccination wanes and does not provide life-long protection ("secondary failure")....This is especially relevant to pertussis. The vaccine against pertussis is known to be unreliable: the immunity acquired due to vaccination wanes over time (Cullen and Walker, 1997). This leads to the question of how effective is the vaccination in reality....The obtained figures indicate that in New Zealand the effective vaccination rate against pertussis is lower than 50%, and perhaps even as low as 33% of the population. These figures contradict the medical statistics which claim that more than 80% of the newborns in New Zealand are vaccinated against pertussis (Turner et al., 2000). This contradiction is due to the mentioned unreliability of the available vaccine. The fact that the fraction of immune population obtained here is considerably lower than the fraction of vaccinated population implies a high level of vaccination failure. We believe that we can safely conclude that under the current conditions (with the present vaccine and the current vaccination practice) the effective vaccination rate against pertussis in New Zealand is considerably lower than is expected. Based on the present data it is perhaps lower than 50% of the population."

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When you also consider the fact that Whooping Cough statistics (scroll down to the Pertussis graph) show that the disease incidence and deaths had dropped drastically prior to the start of mass immunizations. and given the the fact that the vaccine may work in only as little as 33%-50% of the population....we need to ask ourselves:  WHY are we injecting these chemicals and toxins into our children's bodies? 

Another important point that many people seem to miss when they talk about vaccines is the fact that these mass inoculations may be leading to the creation of super viruses.  In the original article above, the final paragraph speaks volumes about this vaccine in particular, and most vaccines in general:

"Research in the Netherlands suggests the bacterium which causes whooping cough, or pertussis, may be mutating and contributing to whooping cough outbreaks worldwide."
"Mutating" because of the vaccines. This is a scientifically provable fact.  Something to think about, eh?