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Friday, April 23, 2010

"Pieces of Adam: How your circumcised son may feel in a few years"

I love Woman Uncensored's blogs,  and this one is no exception.  
She writes:

"I want to share with all the parents out there, the true story and feelings of a real  man that was circumcised as an infant.  Adam has been able to be honest and brave in a way that touches my heart deeply.  His story makes me weep for all the other men that are in his position, and for all the boys that someday will be.  To all the parents out there who have left their son intact, I'm sure you will be grateful that your own son will never have to struggle in the way that Adam has."
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I have 3 sons. My youngest two sons are both intact. But my heart eternally aches for the pain that I caused my eldest son, whom I blithely allowed to be circumcised at 3 days old.

I was young and ignorant... and stupid. During my pregnancy with my eldest  son, I read "What to expect when you're expecting".... well, I read most of it anyway. But that was the extent of my preparation into the world of parenthood. I knew that I would breastfeed (as my mom breastfed me), and at that time I'm sure many would of been shocked to learn that I planned on nursing for longer than 2 months. I had pretty baby things, a cute stroller, a lovely playpen, adorable clothes.... but gave no thought what so ever to any of the other stuff that had to do with babies.

So when my doctor walked into my hospital room 3 days after my sons birth and said to me "Ok, I'm going to take him for his circumcision now", and then he scooped him up out of my arms and walked out of the room with my beautiful perfect intact baby boy..... I just let him go.  I had no idea what was really happening.  I didn't even ask a single question.

My heart breaks to think that I allowed this to happen to my own son.  

But I learned.  I researched and I read and I talked to people.... I learned what it was:  Genital Mutilation
....and when I became pregnant again 10 years later, I knew that there was no way in hell that I would ever allow another child of mine to be tortured that way. 

So if you have a son that IS circumcised, don't think that you can't change that decision for your future sons.  You can.  Educate your selves and others so that NO child has to grow up feeling like Adam does.

 "Pieces of Adam: How your Circumcised son may feel in a few years"
Adam's words:

" Circumcision for me has been a whirl of mixed emotions, over all of them I can assure that none of them are good. When I have to think about my circumcision I have to face a hard fact, I have been altered, and in a very personal way at that. I am reminded that as a baby boy being born as was, was just not good enough. Most people I have encountered don't tend to think circumcision can cut so deep, but it is a cut with much depth to it. I find people left and right, circumcising their children with no qualms, and who just think they're doing the best for their child, and that the foreskin is just a flap of skin, to justify themselves they'll say `it's just a piece of skin.' And thus with such reasoning they circumcise their children, they cut away a piece. However, from my experience, the effects of circumcision come to create much more, ultimately the results of being circumcised come to create in amount the equivalent of a mosaic, therefore it is not one piece, but thousands of pieces building up. This mosaic created out of me and many other men, is in all essence I think something ugly something which should not have been made, simply and graphically put it has come to make a mosaic created solely of blood and flesh, of torture and screams, of pain and psychosis.

     A lot of circumcised men are aware of their very personal unchosen alterations, but as men we are taught to not express our emotions, therefore it is rare you will hear a man express how he feels and especially if he is bothered by his circumcision. As men one of our utmost inner values is to build up security and confidence in ourselves, yet where can one have confidence if he knows he wasn't good enough from birth, that he had to be altered? It is no secret that as men we constantly fawn over our sexual prowess, and try our best to maintain our sexual securities, we worry if our penises are big enough to do the job right, if they'll bring our partners the best pleasure they can have, if they'll bring ourselves the best pleasure we can have, if they'll impress another, amongst many more manhood worries. Certainly, we shouldn't be so focused on our penises, but society has made us so, starting from birth when society was intently focused on our penises with the contemplation of circumcision, thus from the beginning we were spawned to constantly question ourselves in the penis department, for those men who were left intact they question their cleanliness and acceptance as society tells them they are dirty people and many have been shied away from for it, and for those of us who were circumcised we question our acceptance as well and our quality as men, part of our penis wasn't good enough, the foreskin, thus it holds strong possibilities that many other aspects of our penis might also not be good enough, and the whole folly of penile preoccupation is born.
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