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Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Next time your kids ask for a Happy Meal...... may want to reconsider giving in!!!

Nonna Joann writes a brilliant blog article to celebrate the first birthday of her Happy Meal.

Yes.  You heard me correctly.  She has a Happy Meal that is 12 months old.   It sits on a shelf behind her desk as a constant reminder of the dangers of Fast Food.

By Nonna Joann • Mar 3rd, 2010 • Category: Spoonful of Love
Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You.
Happy Birthday, Dear Happy Meal, Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Meal

Does this Happy Meal look inviting to you?  Would you guess that this Happy Meal is 12 MONTHS OLD?!?   It is.  (insert vomiting smiley *here*)

I purchased a Happy Meal, not to eat, but to observe and blog about. Yes, I bought a Happy Meal and then placed it on my office shelf, right behind me and my computer. It sat on my shelf for a year as a silent witness to our fast food industry.
It smelled delicious for a few days. I’d get a whiff of those yummy French fries every time I walked into my office. After a week or so, you could hardly smell it. My husband worried that when the food began to decompose, there would be a terrible odor in our home. He also worried the food would attract ants and mice. He questioned my sanity.
No Worries
NOPE, no worries at all. My Happy Meal is one year old today and it looks pretty good. It NEVER smelled bad. The food did NOT decompose. It did NOT get moldy, at all.
This morning, I took it off my shelf to take a birthday photo. The first year is always a milestone. I gave it one of my world famous nonna hugs as we’ve been office mates for a year now! (Okay, maybe my sanity is in question.)

HERE to read the entire article

Are you as scared as I am?!?

WE unfortunately bought our kids a Happy Meal just last week....we bowed to the pressure of the whining caused by needing a Star Wars toy that was probably worth $.50!!!  But I guarantee that it'll be the last trip to McXXXXXX's !!!!

But you have to wonder:  If the the ancient Egyptians ate Happy Meals, would they of needed embalming techniques at all?  Maybe just the ingestion of Happy Meals would of perfectly preserved their bodies for eons to come!?!  Perhaps McXXXXXX's has discovered a new form of formaldehyde?  Will scientists and archaeologists be digging up the bones of North Americans two thousand years from now only to discover that the average  fastfood eater has been perfectly preserved without so much as a bandage or a coptic jar?

hmmmmmmmmmm.... THAT is one question I'd like to know the answer to!!