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Friday, January 22, 2010

Male Circumcision- more excellent info and blogs by Peacefull Parenting

As usual, Peaceful Parenting has put several together a several great articles on Male Genital Mutilation/ Male circumcision. Facts, Figures, Videos, Pictures and links to studies and other excellent articles.

Male Circumcision is a violation of a childs basic Human Rights. Whether is it done for religious, social, or just plain customs and tradition..... it is a torturous horrifying procedure that amputates a perfectly normal part of a perfectly healthy baby boy.

Would you do this to your daughter?

Babies Voice Their Objections to Circumcision

Cut vs. Intact Outcome Statistics

Dr. Aldeeb encourages action as Switzerland moves toward universal circumcision ban

Circumcision Information Take 3

The Effects of Circumcision on Breastfeeding

Review of research between The National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers and La Leache League International

Jewish Father's Letter to His Son

The Day I Withdrew From Nursing School

by Nicole