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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Guide to Emergency Childbirth

So, What I want to know is, if the US Dept of Defence can write up such an easily understood guide to childbirth, Why is it impossible for Doctors, OB's and Medical staff to follow it? What? Do these guidelines only work in emergency situations outside of hospitals? Why does being in a hospital automatically change the rules and change the way that childbirth is viewed and cared for?!


What to Do

1. Let nature be your best helper. Childbirth is a very natural act.
2. At first signs of labor assign the best qualified person to remain with mother.
3. Be calm; reassure mother.
4. Place mother and attendant in the most protected place in the shelter.
5. Keep children and others away.
6. Keep hands as clean as possible
7. Keep hands away from birth canal
8. See the baby breathes well.
9. Place the baby face down across the mother’s abdomen.
10. Keep baby warm.
11. Wrap afterbirth with baby.
12. Keep baby with mother constantly.
13. Make mother as comfortable as possible.
14. Identify baby.

What Not to Do

1. DO NOT hurry.
2. DO NOT pull on baby, let baby be born naturally.
3. DO NOT pull on the cord, let the placenta (afterbirth) come naturally.
4. DO NOT cut and tie the cord until the baby AND the afterbirth have been delivered.
5. DO NOT give medication.

HERE to read the entire Guide to Emergency Childbirth