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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hey Facebook, Breastfeeding isn't Obscene!!!!

These are my photos that were deleted from my Facebook account. As you can see, they are truly offensive and frightening!!!!

The first one- of me nursing my youngest son Logan in the hospital after his birth- in June 2007. This happened right after Karen Speed's original photos were banned. The second photo of me- tandem nursing logan, 6 months, and keira 3 years old, was banned Dec 2008, and my account was closed down for 3 days by the Facebots. My Partner at Natural Mothering Helen has had several pictures deleted as well and has had her account temporarily closed several times. Karen Speed's account was permanently closed down in Dec 2009, and as of yet, Facebook refuses to respond to either her enquiries nor the deluge of emails sent by many of us....asking "Why?"


Thanx to the hard work and dedication of Paul Rapoport This record of the breastfeeding pictures that Facebot has deleted have been saved in an awesome tribute to mothers, babies and families everywhere.

These pages are dedicated to breastfeeding women everywhere. They provide what is needed in the start of life. Breastfeeding is a very important act in nurturing children, and often a highlight in the life and memory of women.

Please take a moment and stroll through these pictures. Gaze on the faces of these beautiful mothers and babies.... can you possibly think that there is anything "obscene" about these gorgeous photos?!?

Click HERE to go to TERA's photo pages, and enjoy!!

If you have a breastfeeding photo that Facebook has deleted, Please contact TERA and send them a copy to add to the (unfortunately) ever growing list.

Below is the CTV News interview that I did in 2007 When my original breastfeeding photo was banned by Facebook.