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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Confessions of a sex goddess turned Co-Sleeper!"

ROTFLMAO!!!! I absolutely LOVE this Blog by Woman Uncensored!!! I could of written every word of it myself.

I can not tell you how many times I've gotten into conversations with people (IRL and online) about Co-sleeping and sharing a family bed on the topic of sex.

"But what about sex?!"
"Oh I couldn't do that!! We'd never have sex again!"
"You're husband must hate having the baby between you all the time"

And my usual come back is "that's why kitchen tables were invented!!" ;>P

I mean really? Sex is fun wherever it happens, so why does it have to be limited to the bed or even the bedroom? Sleep sharing gives you an outlet to express your creativity and brings back adventure into your sex life. And if the bed is calling your name, the baby sleeping on the other side of the bed isn't going to complain about the rhythmical rocking motions that she's been use to for the past 9 months any way!

So Rock on!! Bring your inner sex kitten out of the closet!! And if you have to take a 5 minute break during the 7th inning stretch to nurse the baby, well, you can nurse the baby in high heels and corset!! Trust me, wardrobe is not something they care about: PJ's or PVC.... they just want the boob!

Read on, and send me your comments- I'd love to hear from other Co-sleepers!!

Confessions of a sex goddess turned co-sleeper

Once upon a time, I was all about lingerie. Black lace, high heels, and thigh highs. Two kids later... I'm all about diapers, slobbery kisses... AND lingerie! :-) Not at the same time of course, lol. The truth is, I may be an attached mama that loves to breastfeed and co-sleep, but my inner sex goddes is NOT dead! Some people wonder how we can possibly share our bed with a rambunctious toddler and occasionally our 4 year old too, and still have a sex life worth speaking of. To that I say, we're creative!

If you come over to our house, please try not to think about how many times we've gotten dirty on that couch cushion you're sitting on! I also hope you don't notice the butt print on the shower door. I'm pretty sure I erased all evidence of shenanigans from the kitchen counter.

Come on, you don't just do it in bed, do you? Just because we have kids doesn't mean we can't have fun!...

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