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Friday, March 5, 2010

I"m trying.... really I am!

Well everyone, the time has come the walrus said.... to fess up.

I'm not super mom, nor am I a super blogger.

I've tried to keep up with my blog- I've even got about 3 or 4 blogs half written in Word that just need some more time.... "Time" - HA! that's such a joke!! Having 4 kids at home- with the youngest being just 26 days old- seems to of created a trans-dimensional black hole that sucks up every extra second in my day, ROTF!!!!

I can deal with the dishes and the cooking. I can deal with getting my two daughters up and ready for school in the morning- breakfasts on the table (... you can lead a horse to water...), lunches packed, I can even find them matching socks and mittens (usually). I can sweep the floors and tidy the living room. I can even pick up the dirty socks and muddy mittens from yesterday and find the missing lunch box or a sharpened pencil (a rare commodity in our house).

Just a regular day in the trenches of our household.

Then we add our latest addition to our family.

I am nursing my 26 day old Ewok/I mean baby, on demand... which in my vernacular seriously means "Whenever he wants", be it every 20 minutes or for hours at a time (as is apparent by the fact that he's gained 2 pounds in 26 days!!lol), and Kael and I have started our adventure into the land of Elimination Communication, which, while very rewarding, requires more than a small bit of my attention. Luckily we are a babywearing family and while my youngest two beasties aren't quite ready for slinging a new born around, between Nick and I and the ever wondrous WRAP, and my daughters love of holding their littlest brother, Kael rarely finds himself lonely :>P Which makes reading his signals much easier as for the most part they mean "I'm hungry" or "I need to Pee/poop"...

I can deal with all of this.

....but OH GODs!!!!! Will someone please shoot the laundry troll that lives under my stairs!!! I CAN NOT keep up!! Oh, I can get the laundry organized, and even washed.... but when ever it comes out of the dryer it seems to cause serious consequences through out our house: small children decide to go to war (or fall off the couch... that they were using for a trampoline), the baby needs to poop, or nurse, or burp, or cuddle... the eldest DD needs help spelling "ardvark", the youngest DD decides to "help out" by "doing the dishes", "the Boy" decides to go surfing through the kitchen in the run-off from his older sister "doin the dishes"....OH! the baby needs to poop again..... and so the laundry is either forgotten in the dryer or in the laundry basket.... regardless, it never seems to get folded and put away in a safe spot (preferably, in the proper drawers), and always seems to end up on our bedroom floor- waiting oh so patiently for the black hole to spit out a couple of those stolen minutes so that it will finally make it to it's home. But when I'm not looking, the laundry troll sneaks out and runs through the semi organized piles of clean clothes, dragging pieces out into the hallway (where they get mixed up with the dirty laundry awaiting my undivided (rotf) attention, and if I'm really preoccupied he'll even find a puddle of mud (or ketchup, chocolate milk, pudding, applesauce, peanut butter....) and rub it all over his body and then roll through the laundry piles, for maximum devastation....

...I've never actually seen the laundry troll, but he must exist since everyone else in my family denies culpability, and my sweet children would NEVER lie about something like that .


Anyway, I digress.

All I'm saying is that I'm trying my best. My children are clothed in (reasonably) clean outfits (well, except for my youngest nudist who refuses to wear clothing between the hours of 8am and 5pm), They are fed healthy foods (...ok, somewhat healthy foods), their homework is done (thanx to their father who is in charge of math and spelling, both of which I suck at), the house is tidy (ish.... again, mostly thanx to my darling hubby), and I can usually find a moment to at least read my emails once a day (twice if I'm lucky!).... but my blog..... my poor poor ignored blog.... well, it's gathering a bit of dust (great, one more thing to clean), but I PROMISE I'll get back to writing again soon.

No, really: I will!! The fact that it's taken me 3 hours, several revisions, 2 nursing sessions, multiple snacks for small beasties/I mean children, two potty emergencies (not Kael's), one potty break for kael, a change of clothing for me (there is only so long one can stand smelling like baby barf), and overseeing the building of an enormous fort in the middle of our living room .... Just to get this blog written... well, that doesn't mean that I won't have time tomorrow. Or the next day...

I'm blathering again.

Most of you are moms. You know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, all I'm saying is that please have patience and check back here often. I'm sure I'll find a way to get rid of that black hole sooner or later.

(anyone have Stephen Hawkings number?)