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Friday, March 26, 2010


Women were not born with zippers.  We did not ask to have them installed at puberty, nor when we decided to have our babies.  Yet hospitals and most doctors seem to think that pulling a baby out of a woman's cut open abdomen is as easy and as painless and as harmless as opening a zipper.  Hell most of them would probably install zippers after every C/Section they did, just to make the next one that much easier. 

"Don't worry about going through the pain of labour and delivery... we'll just book you in on a day that's convenient for you, unzip you and  wham bam  it'll all be done!"


Unnecessareans {365/34}, originally uploaded by Trader Photography.
I think this image is startling and perfect to remind us that a cesarean surgery is for life. One obstetrician made the following observation about the risk: of this operation:
“’If one went to the extreme of giving the patient the full details of mortality and morbidity related to cesarean section, most of them would get
up and go out and have their baby under a tree,’ [Dr. McDonald] said.”
[Neel J. Medicolegal pressure, MDs’ lack of patience cited in cesarean
‘epidemic.’ Ob.Gyn. News Vol 22 No 10]