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Sunday, February 21, 2010

STFU about NIP!!!!

Woman Uncensored lashes out with her usual panache - cutting to the quick and the core of the argument, wielding her barbed sarcasm like a master swordswoman, slicing through the bullshit with an expert flick of the keyboard. I LOVE this blog!!!!

*Insert Standing Ovation HERE*

STFU about NIP

(NIP=Nursing in public. I'll let you figure out what STFU means on your own)

I don't get to tell this guy that he's grossing me out and needs to go home

I think his butt is hungry.

I don't get to tell this lady that the sight of her could scar my children for life.

If she bends over... I don't think I'm ready for that jelly.

I don't get to tell this piece of work that he's showing too much skin.

"I've had this shirt since I was 14 and it still fits!"

I have to see T&A galore on girls walking down the street, TV, magazines, movies, online, EVERYWHERE. I don't get to toss a blanket over any of them.

Now THAT is a lot of boobage. Did someone use her cleavage as a napkin? Mmmm... greasy!

She may be at the beach here, but we've all seen Britt's butt, beaver, and more in every other public place. Heaven help us.

I may not be able to ask these folks to you know, wear clothes that fit, and I may not be able to bleach my eyes... but I do, however, have the ability to avert my eyes and go on with my life.

There are people EVERYWHERE to whom I would love to say "Please go home, for the love of Pete, you don't belong in public". But I don't have the right, and neither do you. Why can we tolerate several square feet of *whatever* hanging out, but piss ourselves over a centimeter of lactating boob? If I can tolerate standing in line behind the guy that smells like an ashtray, or walking by miss nasty thong & muffin top, or eating near smelly unshowered dude a few tables down, you can sure as hell just STFU about this:
HERE to read the whole wonderfully "in your face" article!!!