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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Does this look humane to you?

You know, for the most part I try to write articles that stick to the facts, that are calm  and emotionless, relating the "story", with statements that are backed up by studies and statistics.  I try not to rant.  I try to keep my personal opinions out of it....ok, I might throw in the slightly sarcastic quip now and again, but you know what I mean.  Certain topics are difficult for me to write about without emotional content. VBAC's- because of my own personal experience with the struggle of desperately searching for support for a natural birth, definitely one of my more emotion button-pushing topics.  Another one is Circumcision.

For the most part my articles on Circumcision have been relatively impassive and detached.  I've written about  "The five reasons parents give for choosing circumcision and why they are not valid",  and  "Everything you need to know about Circumcision"  Then today I was reading about NoCircs foray into the American Academy of Pediatrics annual conference and  the photo posted from the "AccuCirc Physician Training Manual."......

Calm and staid be damned!!!!

THIS is what they want to do to your perfect beautiful newborn baby boy.  THIS is what they call a good circumcision device.  THIS is what a totally normal infant circumcision looks like. THIS is done to your baby boy with little or no anaesthesia.  NO! DON'T TURN AWAY!!!  Don't click to another page with easier pictures to look at.  LOOK at these pictures!!  and tell me:  Would you allow this to happen to the tiny innocent person you just gave birth to?  Never mind the studies, the accidents that happen almost daily in the name of circumcision, never mind the fact that not a SINGLE government Health Authority in the WORLD claims that circumcision is medically necessary.  Would YOU sign a consent form to let some doctor torture YOUR baby?

Below is a page from "AccuCirc Physician Training Manual." Looks like torture to me. Look at the way the plastic twisting device grips the prepuce in a knot before step three hides the mass to be chopped out of view within the plastic tube.  LOOK at the mutilated maimed and horrific mess that is left after the doctor has finished this text book circumcision!!  LOOK AT IT!!! tell me that you think that circumcision is "OK".  Tell me that you really think you have the Right to do this to your son.  I Dare You.

  AccuCirc Physician Training Manual 1-2