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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Breastmilk for Anaya- in Nelson BC Canada

Hi everyone, we have another emergency and another family in desperate need of breastmilk donations:
A family in our community desperately needs our help. They have a beautiful 11 month old baby girl, Anaya, who has been diagnosed with a serious brain disease. She cannot tolerate formula. Her mother is feeding her expressed breast milk but needs help with supply. Anaya needs one liter (30 ounces) of breast milk PER DAY and her mother is able to pump 4-5 ounces daily.

Anaya's family is hoping that mothers in the community can help by donating pumped breast milk to feed Anaya. Mamas can drop off their milk at 724 Hoover Street in Nelson.

Anaya will need breast milk daily. Anyone who can contribute please contact us at 250 551 1947.

It is best to drop off milk in breast milk freezer bags (available at pharmacies), labeled with your name, the date, the age of your child, and a brief description of your diet (ie vegetarian, no dairy, etc).

We will update this site with information on how donations are going. Please pass this info on to anyone you know who can help. If you can't donate breast milk please send your love and healing thoughts to lovely Anaya and her family!

Several people on the Healing Anaya facebook group are talking about having milk couriered from different areas of Canada, if you know a group of lactating moms who could ship their milk together, the cost might be much less for shipping (if everyone shared the cost KWIM?)
Please Share this article around and spread the word as fast and as much as possible!!

You can visit the Facebook group "Healing Anaya" here:

And visit her mother Camara's blog for updates and more information: