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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Food Industry Makes a Shift: STAND UP!

This is where "Participation" and Action are needed BY the people!

If you want to see these chemicals removed from the store shelves, then it's up to US to tell the stores we spend our money at that we want them removed!   Same with the individual companies that are manufacturing/preparing these food products.

Change comes when people speak out and say "If you want my business and my money, then you need to change, or we will go elsewhere."   The time for sitting around and moaning about how horrible it is that all these foods we eat are full of crap, is over.  It's time to DO something about it.

I will give you a prime example of people DOing to create change:

This is a post from a very good friend of mine in his Alternative Health room on skype:

 10 other companies that use the same Subway yoga mat chemical in their buns

Who will make the calls to stand up for your Health Freedom??? Its up to you I can't do this by myself. I have just called all of these companies and put them on notice, that we are no longer going to buy their poisoned food products, I let them know that the consumer is fed up and we will be launching a World wide campaign on Facebook, twitter, Myspace, google+, ect, They will either clean up their food or go out of business cause no one will buy it. I could tell they were very concerned. I'm not going to worry about stupid people, they will fix themselves. Who's going to stand up for our Health, our children's health if we don't, Also its time to put these damn School Cafeteria's on notice, speaking of cafeteria's The Golden Colon needs a wake up call too!!!

Winn Dixie 1-904-783-5000
Publix 1-352-245-4115
Kroger 1-513-762-4000
Costco 1-800-955-2292
Sams Club 1-888-746-7726
K-mart 1-847-286-2500
Walmart 1-479-273-4000
Golden Corral 1-919-781-9310
Albertsons 1-208-395-6200
Safeway 1-877-724-3929
Target 1-612-304-6073
Supervalue 1-952-828-4000
Food Lion 1-704-633-8250
McDonald's  1800 244-6227
Chick-fil-A 1-404-765-8000
Wendys 1-614-764-3100
dunkin donuts 1-800-859-5339 
Arbys 1-800-599-2729                                                                                 
Hardee's Carl Jr. 1-877-799-7827

Lets call these companies and let them know how we feel and that we aren't going to buy their poision food anymore.
 (angry) I am mad as Hell and I ain't taking it anymore!!!

This post is from a man who spends close to 15 hours a day monitoring sites, informing people through the various 20 or more skype rooms that he runs and about 20 other skype rooms that he participates in.  He has led campaigns against many many companies and been involved in demanding changes in the food, health, drug and even pet food industries.  His campaigns have led to companies being forced to re-lable products AND removing products from shelves.

Basically it comes down to this:  IF you want to SEE changes happen, then we need to stand up and MAKE them happen.  Exercise your right to freedom of speech and freedom to take your money else where!

From artificial to natural, the food industry makes a major shift

Extracts from algae, rosemary and monk fruit could soon replace synthetic ingredients and food additives such as Blue No. 1, BHT and aspartame that label-conscious grocery shoppers are increasingly shunning.

Research is enabling this shift from artificial colors, sweeteners and preservatives to naturally derived ones, and could soon yield many more natural options, reports Chemical & Engineering News, the weekly newsmagazine of the American Chemical Society.

Melody M. Bomgardner, senior editor at C&EN, notes that the trend has built momentum as concern over negative health effects of artificial ingredients and additives grows. Recent studies have suggested a link between some artificial colorings and hyperactivity in children.

Others have suggested that certain synthetic preservatives may cause cancer in rodents. These results are sinking into the consumer psyche.

By 2013, almost a quarter of U.S. consumers reported that they read food labels to check for artificial colors and flavors. That's 15 percent more than the year before. In Europe, regulations spurred a faster changeover and have largely driven the dramatic shift in global sales toward natural colors. In the $1.5 billion market, growth of the latter has overtaken synthetics, which have plateaued.

Now many food manufacturers are turning to colors derived from foods, such as turmeric; to new fermentation routes for natural yellows, reds and purple dyes; and to rosemary and monk fruit as a preservative and sweetener, respectively, the article states.

Natural green and blue food colorings are harder to come by, but researchers are finding sources for these as well. Last summer, M&Ms candy maker Mars got the OK from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to color their blue treats with an extract from blue-green algae. Scientists are also investigating new natural ways to preserve meat, produce vanilla and sweeten foods without the calories.