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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Breastfeeding Success Stories!

Today I have a wonderful guest blog for you all!  A friend of mine needs your help with writing a book all about breastfeeding success stories!!!!  Please feel free to share this article around on your breastfeeding support groups!!!

My name is Michele, I am mother to a 3 year old nursing son. A couple of years ago my friend Samantha and I came up with an idea to compile a book consisting of breast feeding success stories. These are stories written by mothers about any and all problems (from minor to major) that they have over come to breast feed their children. Topics include but are not limited to over/under supply, breast augmentation/reduction, lack of support/proper information, latch difficulties, medical/cultural/emotional issues. Now I would like to include a chapter about mothers stories on feeding their children doner breast milk, and one on full term breast feeders, and how and why you have decided to do this. 

Each story is as long and as in as much detail as each mother is comfortable with sharing. They can include simply the facts or go into the emotions felt along each stage of their journey to breast feed or decide on using doner milk. Pictures of the little ones are welcome:) 

If a parent is interested in submitting their story, or if you would like further information or have questions, please email it to Please include your name (last names not needed if you do not wish) and where you live (state/province, or just country). I am keeping a list of email addresses for all contributors and will update everyone when each stage of the book progresses. Privacy and contact information is strictly protected.

Samantha and I have decided that 50% of any and all profits made from this book will be donated to breastfeeding support. The recipient(s) will be decided as much as possible by the women who have submitted stories:) There are some books out there with some stories in them, but no book out there dedicated to mothers stories. Our hope is to not only inspire and bring hope to as many mothers as possible that they CAN breast feed despite most odds that seem against it, but to also raise awareness and much needed money for organizations that provide valuable information and support for breast feeding. 

I want to thank Dani for including this in her wonderful blog, all the mothers who have contributed so far to this project, and all the mothers who are considering contributing:) 

Michele Spracklin