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Thursday, January 20, 2011

INFACT Canada- Online Petition to Health Canada

Attention Canadians! Please take a moment and read and sign the petition to Health Canada linked below!!  This is very important as Health Canada has not given enough time to the public to respond to the changes they are making to the draft nutritional guidelines for children from birth to six months.  The public needs a chance to review these changes and make their voices heard by Health Canada!!

Sign the online petition to Health Canada to broaden consultation on infant nutrition recommendations

As of course you know, Health Canada has opened up its draft nutritional guidelines for children from birth to six months in an online consultation. The period of time for response is very short, Feb 3 is the deadline. There are no cross-country consultations or opportunities for input beyond this online consultation.
A letter has been drafted asking Health Canada to extend the deadline for the online consultation and to implement cross-country consultation meetings as they have done recently for revisions to Canada's Food Guide and Canada's Physical Activity Guideline.
Please consider signing this letter personally or on behalf of your organization.
Jodine Chase
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