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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Australia and Breastfeeding/milk sharing in the news!

Here are two of the latest news stories out of Australia- both mention "eats on feets" and openly talk about milk sharing, cross nursing and wet nursing!

The first is an article from - The Herald Nov 2 2010
Women are now offering on the internet to donate their milk or "cross-nurse" - breastfeed babies other than their own - in a bid to help desperate mums in need.
Breastmilk is just a keystroke away after Eats on Feets, an international breastmilk-sharing network, recently started a Victorian Facebook site....
...The Australian Breastfeeding Association says it supports cross-feeding if all parties are aware of possible risks and informed consent is given. "Wet nursing was very common hundreds of years ago," ABA spokeswoman Carey Wood said. She said breastmilk banks offered milk screening. The AMA said the risk of contracting disease from breastmilk was low.
HERE to read the entire article

And below is a you tube video of a news story aired today featuring one of my Facebook friends April Bevin.