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Friday, July 2, 2010

The Newman Breastfeeding Clinic and Institute

I just wrote this article/ad for Birth Issues Magazine (which is a wonderful magazine- contact me if you're interested), to promote awareness of Dr. Jack Newman & Edith Kernerman's plight and their call for help.  I'm sharing it here for you all to spread the word far and wide- please share this article with your groups, forums, friends and families.

Dr Jack 
Newman - Breastfeeding Help and Lactaion Consultant Training
Breastfeeding isn't Best, Breastfeeding is Normal.

But getting good support to breastfeed isn't normal and sometimes is almost impossible.

Right now in Toronto, The Newman Breastfeeding Clinic & Institute (NBCI), a world leader in breastfeeding education and support, is in serious danger of closing down. NBCI lost all Government funding in 2005, and since then has relied on the support of a few private donors and charitable contributions.   Unfortunately, when the economic downturn hit the world it hit NBCI's donors as well.

The Clinic helps over 2500 mothers every year, and is a place of last resort for mothers who aren't able to find help from other clinics or private lactation consultants, doctors, or public health nurses. Many times mothers and babies have to wait weeks to get an appointment due to an extremely full schedule and the lack of funding. BUt help is still only a click away: Dr. Jack Newman and Executive Director Edith Kernerman answer thousands of emails every year from concerned mothers looking for help. Emails are usually answered within hours and have saved mothers from stopping or quitting breastfeeding as well as helped to keep babies out of the emergency room.  Newman and Kernerman also receive emails from other healthcare profesionals looking for information on how to help guide their patients in breastfeeding.  As well, NBCI also brings a variety of education services in lactation management and breastfeeding support to communities through educating doctors, naturopaths, midwives, nurses, and dietiticians.

Mothers and their families who come to the clinic are seen by an experienced lactation consultant for at least 90 minutes for the first visit and 60 for the follow-up visits.  Every mother and baby is also seen by a second set of experienced "lactation eyes" and a pediatrician as well.  So, in essence, there is a built-in second and third opinion helping to advise and empower the mother to achieve her own breastfeeding goals.

Many groups of people have struggled to bring the plight of NBCI to the government's attention, including mass letter writing, 2 nurse-ins at Ontario's Queen's Park , and numerous phone calls and emails and petitions. We hope that they are listening, but in the meantime the Clinic needs financial help NOW.

Donations can be made online at
Please direct your donation (Fund/Designation) to nbci - The Newman Breastfeeding Clinic &Institute

New Twist on no-cost donating!
Here is a way to financially help NBCI at no extra cost to yourself.  NBCI has joined up with   The way Charity Services works is that you purchase gift cards to your favourite grocery stores and gas stations and a portion of those proceeds are donated to nbci. Most of us shop at the same stores on a regular basis so why not contribute to a good cause at the same time?
For more details about this program, please go the the NBCI website at
....and let all your friends and family know too!