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Monday, November 30, 2009

"Coping with Labour Naturally"

Our latest article on Natural Mothering! Our resident Homeopath Rebecca Gower shares her insights and knowledge about the use of Homeopathic remedies during Labour & Delivery.

Coping with Labour Naturally
Written by Rebecca Gower, B.A., M.A., DSHM (hons)

If you are pregnant, it is hard not to think about the pain that is associated with labour at some point during pregnancy. This is especially true if you are pregnant with your first child. The good news is that the pain won't last forever and you get the precious gift of your baby as the best present of having had to deal with that pain. It is also very possible that you could have a very different experience of labour with each child. For example, you may have a very quick labour with your first child and a slower, irregular labour with your second one- or vice-versa.

The Birth Plan:

Whether you want a home birth or a hospital birth; a natural birth or wish to choose medical interventions, having a birth plan is very important. This is so you and your partner or labour support person are on the same page. It is also vital that your care team know about your birth plan. This would be especially important if you are opposed to medical interventions, such as an epidural or the use of forceps, except in a case of an emergency. You can always change your mind if you feel for example, that the pain is unbearable. However, share this information with your partner or labour support person. The goal here is to try to create the conditions that lead to the labour experience that you and your family desire.

Natural Medicine for Labour & Delivery:

Whether or not you have chosen to have a natural birth or not, Homeopathy can play a huge role in dealing with a variety of issues in terms of labour and delivery. I believe that Homeopathic medicine is your best choice because it is gentle, safe for both the pregnant person and the baby, and will work quite quickly. Although it is most ideal to begin homeopathic treatment before trying to conceive and secondly, during pregnancy; homeopathy can still help with a variety of physical and mental/emotional issues that can occur during pregnancy....

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